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Fox News Memo: Look for Insurgents 'Thrilled' at Dem Victory

Reported by Judy - November 14, 2006 -

Huffington Post has obtained an internal Fox News memo that instructs staff members to be on the lookout for any information from insurgents in Iraq, who, the memo says "must be thrilled" at Democratic victories in last week's midterm elections.

The memo, by Fox's vice president for news, contains more than a hint of bias toward Democrats. The writer does not explain why he or she believes insurgents "must be thrilled" that Democrats will control both houses of Congress come January.

The memo's wording may explain, however, where Martha MacCallum got the idea for her report later that day that insurgents were "dancing in the streets" over the Democratic victories.

In another section, the memo says, "The question of the day, and indeed for the rest of bush's term, is: What's the Dem plan for Iraq?" Not, mind you, what is Bush's plan for getting out of the war he started, or even, what is the plan of the Iraq Study Group, or still less, what is the Democratic reaction to either of those? Just what is the Democratic plan.

More evidence of bias surfaces later in the memo where the writer, who was not identified, referred to the contest for House Majority leader between John Murtha and Steny Hoyer as "a former hawk v. a political hack." Can you imagine the outcry if somebody leaked a CBS memo with wording like that referring to Tom DeLay?

Kudos to Huffington Post for the scoop. What I'd really like to see is an internal memo discussing coverage of Sen. Hillary Clinton.