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Bill O'Reilly And Michelle Malkin Have Post Election Hate Disorder

Reported by Deborah - November 14, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin just let their hate fly last night on The Factor and viewers could really feel their pain. O'Reilly, self proclaimed Independent, exposed his tortured Republican soul with his opening attack on Pelosi asking how far left she would go? " She would like to cut and run with Murtha." He made sure to put extra emphasis on " cut and run" just to show his Republican allegiance and got so worked up, he mentioned Michael Moore twice. 11/14/06

O'Reilly furious that Pelosi suggested John Murtha as Majority leader said he thought she would wait 3 weeks before dropping the "Murtha Bomb". Malkin, looking wise and experienced, told O'Reilly that she knew they wouldn't be moderate adding, Nancy Pelosi is being true to her far left roots and the rest of the leadership can't restrain themselves." O'Reilly then made a ridiculous comment that Democrats should get Michael Moore and Jack Murtha together for some reason or other which was unclear. He obviously just wanted to get the name out there.

Kirsten Powers scolded BOR for his Michael Moore comment without giving a thought to perhaps defending Moore or even suggesting that he has nothing to do with the issue. Powers talked about how the voters want an end to the war adding as if to console that they can't make the President do anything he doesn't want to do.

O'Reilly claimed that they were playing to their base and made another senseless comment about Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore. Malkin jumped in dripping venom saying Hillary Clinton was out there " mouthing the word heathcare again." It seems that family values Malkin thinks only the families who can afford $1000. per month premiums or are covered at work deserve healthcare.

Malkin on a roll said the Democrats " don't have the balls to do anything." Then she outlined the Democrats plan as " obstruction, obstruction obstruction." Kirsten Powers hopefully offered, "Charlie Rangel said we can't be obstructionists".

It seems appropriate to offer Bill O'Reilly and Michelle Malkin some solace from their favorite all purpose, eternal boogeyman, Michael Moore who has written a beautiful offer of unity to conservatives, A Liberals Pledge To Disheartened Conservatives. Maybe O'Reilly and Malkin will consider giving up the hate for a time while we put our country, which they claim to love, together again. Of course they would need to find new jobs and if things go as planned, they won't have to worry about getting ones with healthcare.