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Outrageous Quote of the Week: Week of November 6th

Reported by Janie - November 13, 2006 -

Mark Levin, appearing on Hannity & Colmes took home 28% of last weeks vote after smearing liberals and Democrats, attempting to frighten viewers into voting for Republicans:

“Every time (the liberals) take over the White House, they do social experiments with the military, they undermine the military, they cut the military’s budget. Why don’t you liberals just admit it? You don’t like the military. It’s all phony when you say you support the troops." - 11/2/06

For this week's wide selection, take a look below the jump!

Option A: “There’s a lot of cannibalism now within the Democrat Party” - Michelle Malkin reflecting on Ned Lamont's loss without providing any proof, Fox Election Night coverage, 11/7/06

Option B: "They [the GOP] were willing to nominate a black, (my emphasis) but always in a race that was not winnable." - Fred Barnes racist comment during Fox's Election Night Coverage, 11/7/06

Option C: "New Fox News polls show one party with a solid lead." - Fox News Chyron failing to mention which party held the lead on election day, 11/7/06

Option D: Iraq casualties "by the terms of any previous war are quite minute" - Rupert Murdoch answering questions from reporters in Tokyo, 11/6/06

Option E: "Nancy Pelosi has a reputation for some verbal misstatements over the years," he said, without citing any. "She has enemies in the Democratic conference, including there have been famous stories about how even some of her own lieutenants in the Democratic leadership pretty much wait for her to leave the room and knife her in the back. So there will be battles." - Carl Cameron, 11/8/06

Option F: "I don't want sleazy little investigations." - Bill O'Reilly to Chuck Shumer, "The O'Reilly Factor", 11/8/06

Option G: “Will the new Democrats who are now going to take power in both Houses of Congress, going to stop blaming America first?” - Criminal Oliver North, "Hannity & Colmes", 11/9/06

Option H: There are "some reports of cheering in the streets on the behalf of the supporters of the insurgency in Iraq, that they’re very pleased with the way things are going here and also with the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld." - Martha MacCallum, "Live Desk", 11/9/06

Option I: "There's an iron rule when you run the House. If you stick together, you get plenty of things done. If you divide and fall apart, so does your agenda. House Democrats are trying to hold their historically fractious forces together." - Major Garrett, "Live Desk", 11/10/06

Option J: "Hey, folks, tonight we're going to talk about waterboarding. You know sometimes I think Gitmo should be like Vegas. What happens there should stay there." - Dennis Miller teaser, "Hannity & Colmes", 11/10/06

Option K: Henry Waxman and John Conyers are "horsemen of the apocalypse" - Fred Barnes, "The Beltway Boys", 11/11/06

Option L: “When it comes to Democrats and whether or not they can extend these olive branches and abide by a spirit of bi-partisanship, all you have to remember is that these people cannot help themselves. They will revert back to form. They are hard-wired to be extremists on every issue.” - Michelle Malkin, "Hannity & Colmes", 11/10/06