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John Nostradamus Gibson Predicts " Impeachment Storm"

Reported by Deborah - November 13, 2006 -

John Gibson doesn't want FOX viewers to believe the Democrats denying plans for impeachment. Gibson is sure an " impeachment storm" is coming because 87% voted for it in an online survey on a " popular liberal website" which Gibson did not name. Gibson's not buying the talk of moderation from the newly elected Democrats who he predicts will crumble from all the outside pressure to impeach Bush.

Maybe Gibson is nervous because the " popular liberal website" he mentioned is actually MSNBC which is currently doing an impeachment poll showing 87% in favor of impeachment with over 380,700 responses as of 10PM ET.

Gibson, no longer comforted by the ruthless Republican shield, expressed fear in his My Word segment because " it is the Democrats who have the whip hand now".

"Nancy Pelosi may say no impeachment now, but when the findings of investigation are leaked to The Times and The Post and they are splashed over the front pages and the network newscasts, fending off the impeachers is going to become a very difficult chore for Ms. Pelosi. That's because the angriest of voters this time want impeachment badly. They've been dreaming of it, and they are going to insist they are rewarded for bringing the Democrats to power."

Gibson and Fox are determine to whip the Fox faithful into a fear frenzy way before the newly elected Democrats take over. The post election rhetoric on Fox has grown more toxic each day. Gibson and his Fox comrades don't want to give up the " far left boogeymen" and now that most Americans realize the monsters were a Republican invention, the FNC panic keeps growing.

note: A thank you to Daithi for the tip about MSNBC which I added to the post at 10PM ET.