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With Democrats Like This, Who Needs Republicans?

Reported by Chrish - November 12, 2006 -


One would think that Tuesday's election, which produced some changes in the Heartland, would have been a major topic on John Kasich’s show 11/12/06. Perhaps because these changes were beneficial to Democrats, Kasich avoided the subject except for a mention of John McCain on the cusp of declaring his candidacy and Tom Vilsack’s announcement of his run for the presidency. But Kasich did have a segment devoted to “what to expect when democrats win.” His only pundit was Susan Estrich because Michael Steele was “MIA.”

As New Hounds has frequently noted, Susan Estrich, as a Democrat, never fails to disappoint. She started off on a high note – when Kasich asked her what the Democratic victory “means for the pocket book,” she responded that “the middle class will be fine; but the question is whether the rich will see their taxes go up.” Kasich noted that the question was really “how much more” said that the Democratic position on the tax issue was “almost like a punishment for the rich.” He added that for a politician to talk about taxes was “the kiss of death.” Estrich, moving into more “politically correct” (for Fox) territory said the reality of the 2008 race has begun and if the Democrats “want to lose they’ll talk about tax increases.” (Comment, if they want to continue to win they will promote tax relief for the middle class).

The discussion turned to Iraq and Estrich noted that as Iraq was the Democrats’ main issue, the only way they’ll “fulfill their mandate is to hold hearings” and that will be like “reality TV gone wild.” Kasich said that the reason that Rumsfeld “got out of Dodge” was because he didn’t want to deal with “non stop hearings.” (Comment: he can be subpoenaed at any time). Estrich replied, “these guys are going to be at each other’s throats.”

Kasich wondered what the democrats will do about national security as he hadn’t “heard anybody with good answers.” Estrich, not surprisingly, said, “they don’t have plans and aren’t going to come up with any.” (Comment: Susan, you can learn about the party on the DNC website.)

Kasich ended the interview by thanking Estrich and describing her as “candid, honest, insightful” and stating, “you’re the best.” Susan laughingly responded, “I get in trouble for this all the time.”

Comment – Despite being a supposed “Democratic” spokesperson, Estrich does articulate some Republican talking points. Instead of making a joke about upcoming hearings, Estrich could have talked about the hearings being a way to bring badly needed accountability to government “gone wild.” If Steele had been available they would have definitely been on the same page. If Fox really wants “balance,” they really need to look beyond DINO’s like Estrich.