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Sean Hannity And Michelle Malkin Sneer At Democracy

Reported by Ellen - November 12, 2006 -

Sean Hannity and Michelle Malkin were not just sore losers over the election Friday night (11/10/06) on Hannity & Colmes, they seemed to be vying for “Un-American Of The Year Award” as they spewed hate and invective toward America’s chosen Party of the year, Democrats. Perhaps graciousness was too much to hope for from those two but, in the final analysis, their desecration of the election results belied any respect for America, itself. It was proof positive that the so-called patriotism they flaunt, and which they use to berate others, is nothing more than window dressing that disappears the moment their own desires conflict with those of the nation. With video.

Hannity started off a double segment with Malkin and Democratic strategist Steve McMahon by scorning the Party just chosen by Americans. “Democrats SAY they want to work with the president, they say they want bipartisanship, but do they expect Republicans to forget all their shrill rhetoric?” He followed that up with a clip of some Democrats criticizing the Bush administration. Funny how nobody mentioned any of the poisonous things Ann Coulter, David Limbaugh or Mark Levin has said about Democrats right there on Hannity & Colmes without a bit of objection from Hannity. In fact, Michelle Malkin had plenty of shrill rhetoric of her own that went unobjected to as well.

Malkin, who keeps a perpetual sneer in her voice and on her face, condescendingly told Alan Colmes that one reason “we can’t be friends” (shortly after the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends” played in the background) is because “you need to see those Democrats for what they really are… I think President Bush has to be very careful about extending so many olive branches to the Democrats who suffer from Bush derangement syndrome ever since he was elected into office.” Malkin smiled with one side of her face at her own cleverness. “They’re just going to turn around and build a very nasty bonfire with them.” Very public spirited of you, Malkin. Just what the country needs and wants right now, I’m sure.

McMahon agreed with Alan Colmes that Hannity had left out some of President Bush’s jabs at Democrats and went on to point out Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on Michael J. Fox. That prompted a bullyboy outburst from Sean Hannity who couldn’t muster up the good manners to stay quiet when it wasn't his turn. There were times when I thought a shouting match might erupt between the two hosts.

Malkin, the author of a book accusing liberals of being unhinged, sounded exactly that way, herself. “When it comes to Democrats and whether or not they can extend these olive branches and abide by a spirit of bi-partisanship, all you have to remember is that these people cannot help themselves. They will revert back to form. They are hard-wired to be extremists on every issue.” She predicted that this will benefit Republicans in the end because “people will come running back.” Right! With charismatic spokespeople like her, it’s a wonder they lost in the first place.

Hannity kept up the belligerance with a Hanctimonious offense. “Now, look, I agree with Michelle. I think if the President and Republicans believe that all of a sudden they want to get along, they’re nuts. Because you are hard-wired in your Bush derangement syndrome. Why don’t you condemn your leaders?” (Malkin could be seen sneering with pleasure on the split-screen).

McMahon explained that it’s in everyone’s interest, including the president’s, “to try to get something accomplished in the last two years.” He pointed out that voters, through the democratic process, had chosen to put Democrats in charge of both Houses. “I presume it’s not because they thought the Republicans were doing such a good job.”

McMahan is one of the better Democratic spokespeople on FOX but he never directly addressed the fact that two hate-mongers who were disappointed in a democratic process were trying to demonize the majority of their countrymen who felt otherwise. It soon became clear that what Malkin really wanted was to stop the president from too much bi-partisanship. She said that Bush's olive branch to the Democrats made her nervous. She obviously had no interest in the fact that the country had just voiced its preference loud and clear for a Democratic role in the governing of our country.

Colmes partially addressed those issues in Part 2 of the segment. “Michelle Malkin, you said that the Democrats are extremists. Many of the congressmen, congresswomen elected were blue dog Democrats, very conservative Democrats. You’re talking about extremism: Going into Iraq, remaking the Middle East in the name of democracy, doing away with the Constitution and trying to expand presidential powers, searches without warrants – THAT’S extremism.”

The sneer disappeared temporarily from Malkin’s face as she paused to gather her thoughts. “No,” she said in her haughty tone. “That is trying to fight a war that has been denied for so long and that festered because Democrat administrations wouldn’t deal with reality.”

Colmes and McMahon laughed out loud at her ridiculousness. Colmes told her “You have contempt for Democrats and can’t say a kind thing about any of them. You think they’re extremists, you think they’re evil.”

“Unlike the left, I do not have personal animosity or hatred,” Malkin insisted. Oh, no, of course not! Model-of-Christian-tolerance Malkin added that she is praying that the blue dog Democrats “pull your party in the right direction.” Then, as more proof of her large spirit, she added that McMahon is “a cutie.”

I’m sure he was hugely flattered.