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Partisan Election Observations From Beltway Boys

Reported by Deborah - November 11, 2006 -

Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes made no effort to make gracious or non-partisan observations about the election today on The Beltway Boys. Full of doubt about the Democrat's ability to maintain peace, they expressed caustic dread over Democrat spending, tax hikes and of course, investigations. Do the B-Boys know the election is over?

After calling the planned cooperation between Pelosi and Bush a " shotgun wedding", Kondracke claimed that the peace would be gone once Democrats start spending money on healthcare and education using a tone suggesting that this would somehow damage the country. Barnes expressed hope that Bush would veto those Dem spending bills.

Then Barnes complained about the unelected Democrats like George McGovern urging withdrawl from Iraq and Robert Rubin who suggested raising taxes.Barnes was probably referring to McGovern's meticulous blueprint for leaving Iraq. Calling Henry Waxman and John Conyers "horsemen of the apocalypse", he claimed they wanted to investigate which means they want " to persecute".

Kondracke took a turn saying the first bad sign was the Democrats unwillingness to confirm Bolton. Barnes hoped that Bush would make another recess appointment of Bolton. The B-Boys agreed that Bolton had done a great job and not confirming him is just a spite move.

Of course Nancy Pelosi got the bonus treatment. Kondracke asked if Barnes had seen the Hume/Pelosi interview. Hume asked Pelosi if she wanted to win in Iraq? Pelosi stated that it wasn't about winnng or losing but solving a problem. Kondracke putting words in Pelosi's mouth said, " She means losing is okay." The Boys expressed dread that she might actually want to lose.

Kondracke claimed that this election was a "rebuke to polarization".Guess the Boys never got the message.