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New Fox Theme: Dems in Disarray!

Reported by Judy - November 10, 2006 -

While Republicans are dumping their leader in the House, throwing the secretary of defense overboard, and giving the national party chairman the heave-ho, guess which party Fox News wants you to believe is in danger of falling into disarray?

On Fox News' "Live Desk" on Friday (Nov. 10, 2006), Martha MacCallum featured a couple segments designed to give viewers the impression that Democrats are prepared to squabble amongst themselves just after sweeping to power in both houses of Congress.

The first was a segment with Major Garrett from Washington, who instead of reporting on George Bush's meeting with Senate leaders, focused on alleged House Democratic leadership "struggles."

"There's an iron rule when you run the House. If you stick together, you get plenty of things done. If you divide and fall apart, so does your agenda. House Democrats are trying to hold their historically fractious forces together," he said.

Then he reported that moderate Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, will face a challenge for House Majority Leader from Rep. John Murtha, D-Pennsylvania. With no attribution, Garrett described Hoyer's relationship with Pelosi as "at best strained" and said that Murtha, a conservative, is a "long-time protege of Pelosi." That, of course, does not fit the picture Fox News usually likes to paint of a liberal Pelosi at odds with her more conservative caucus, but never mind. Garrett had other fish to fry this day.

But after the build-up of expectations about divisions within Democrats, Garrett goes on to report that there will not be a contest for House Democratic Whip because Rep. Rahm Emmanuel of Illinois has decided not to challenge Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C. Lest he leave the impression that that undercuts his thesis of division, Garrett suggests there would have been racial tensions among Democrats had Emmanuel not withdrawn.

Later, MacCallum brought on Dick "Toe-Sucker" Morris, who did his part to set up visions of House Democrats Divided. He described most of the new incoming Democrats as moderates but that, "They're being used to let extreme liberals take over." Hard to see how that's true, after he just descibed Hoyer as a moderate and Murtha is a well-known conservative.

Then Morris got to take his obligatory free shot at Hillary Clinton, complaining that, "Every time I see a picture of this woman, it’s a different picture."

Fox News then showed a series of different photos of Senator Clinton, several unflattering, apparently trying to give the impression that she changes her clothes and hair too frequently to suit Morris.

Look for House Democrats Divided to be a continuing theme as Fox News tries to set up Democrats as the party that can't govern so that voters will return the GOP to its rightful place in two years.