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Dennis Miller Thinks Waterboarding Is A Laughing Matter

Reported by Ellen - November 10, 2006 -

Just when I thought Dennis Miller couldn’t be any more mean-spirited or any less funny than he has during his previous appearances on Hannity & Colmes, he came up with the most repulsive commentary yet: Jokes about waterboarding. I’m not kidding. He teased the segment by saying, "Hey, folks, tonight we're going to talk about waterboarding. You know sometimes I think Gitmo should be like Vegas. What happens there should stay there." I won’t dignify the drek by posting any more of it but you can watch the segment on FOXNews.com. A video of actual waterboarding is after the jump. I doubt anyone who sees it will still be laughing.

Sean Hannity, of course, endorses the method. I hope he and Miller get to experience it firsthand sometime soon.