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Tom DeLay Weasels When Confronted By Colmes On Corruption Charges

Reported by Ellen - November 9, 2006 -

There was more Republican denial last night (11/8/06) when, as part of Hannity & Colmes’ discussion about the election, Alan Colmes confronted newly-minted frequent FOX News pundit Tom DeLay on the many charges of corruption that have been brought against him. DeLay is currently under indictment for, essentially, money laundering and his very conservative district in Texas just elected a Democrat to replace him. But DeLay not only insisted he played no role in Tuesday’s Republican losses, he pretended to have been absolved of all wrongdoing.

Colmes began his portion of the second segment of a discussion that included DeLay, “One of the big issues in this campaign, as the exit polls show, was corruption. Do you feel you bear any responsibility for people having that perception of what went wrong with Republicans?”

DeLay insisted “Not at all” and disingenuously asked Colmes to "name one thing, Alan Colmes, that I’ve been convicted of.”

Colmes acknowledged DeLay has never been convicted but noted that DeLay was cited several times by the Ethics Committee of the House. “The Ethics Committee, itself, called on you to temper your future actions to assure you were in compliance with House Ethics rules.”

DeLay denied it. “Alan, that is a lie and you know it.” In fact, DeLay was the one lying, as this article from the Washington Post makes clear. DeLay continued with a closer version of the truth. “The Ethics Committee warned me. I had no sanction brought against me… All the ethics charges that I’ve been under for the last 10 years have been dismissed… So I have been found guilty of nothing. So I’m not part of this thing.”

Yes, the ethics charges were dismissed. But DeLay forgot to mention that the Chairman of the Ethics Committee reported being threatened when he refused to curtail the investigation and that he and two other like-minded colleagues were soon ousted by Dennis Hastert (the same Dennis Hastert accused of covering up the Foley page scandal) and replaced by more sympathetic members. You can read more about the shameful events at Congresspedia. Another little fact Delay “forgot” is that he currently remains under felony indictment for money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Colmes never got to those details before his time ran out, well short of the time Hannity got.

Given FOX News' proclivity for pundits with ethical and other violations, can a job offer to DeLay be far off?

You can view this interview on FOXNews.com. It's called Changing of the Guard (Part 2).