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George Allen and Jim Webb Both Made Speeches Today But the Way Fox Covered Them Was Anything but "Fair & Balanced"

Reported by Melanie - November 9, 2006 -

George "Macaca" Allen (R-VA), conceded to his Democratic opponent, Jim Webb, this afternoon (November 9, 2006) at approximately 3:00 p.m. EDT. As News Hound Donna reported, Allen's speech aired during Studio B with Shepard Smith. Donna told me the speech took up much of the first half hour of the show and that Fox carried it from start to finish.

Contrast that to how Fox covered the victory speech Jim Webb gave during Fox's Your World w/Neil Cavuto. At 4:4l p.m. EDT Fox suddenly went to a split screen, one showing Cavuto's guest, Arthur Brooks, a professor at Syracuse University who was arguing that the election "proves" the U.S. is becoming more conservative, and one showing Jim Webb standing in front of a crowd of supporters.

Cavuto interrupted Brooks and explained that Webb was about to make some remarks, that Fox would "monitor" it, and then he returned to the Brooks interview. Fox stayed on a split screen live shot of Webb for roughly 90 seconds but there was no audio.

Expect Democrats to get more of this kind of "fair and balanced" treatment from Fox between now and November, 2008, at least.