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FOX tried to mislead viewers about Senate control

Reported by Chrish - November 9, 2006 -

After a very late election night the Senate race was still undecided, with Montana and Virginia not yet declared although Democrats were leading in both states. Imagine my confusion this morning when I decided (with an admittedly evil chuckle) to see what the folks on FOX News Live were saying about the election results and found this graphic:


Eek! I scrambled for the remote and the laptop to confirm the news only to find that the two seats in question were still in question. Obviously the graphic was wrong and not surprisingly put Republicans in the winners' seat.

The accompanying reporting was accurate and stated that the two races had not yet been called for anyone. Anywhere else I would assume it was a careless mistake but at FOX I suspect it was wishful thinking and an attempt to psych the viewers for a challenge. From all reports, at least for now, the subsequent Senate wins in both Montana and Virginia will not be challenged, although the FOXNews.com website only declares

"Control of Senate Hinges on Virginia
Virginia delays vote certification to Nov. 27; Montana win gives Dems control of 50 Senate seats
as of right now, 1:01 am EST November 9.