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Continued lie cover-up on FOX

Reported by Chrish - November 9, 2006 -

As Judy reported, Bret Baier could not bring himself to call Bush out on his lie to reporters last week regarding Donald Rumsfeld's continued employment as Secretary of Defense, and this is not the first time Bush has misled reporters on impending Cabinet changes.

In his My Word segment 11/08/06 John Gibson continued to obfuscate the implications of such a bald-faced lie to reporters and even lauded Bush for his prescience about the outcome of the mid-term elections:

"Still, when I heard Bush say today that he was talking to Bob Gates about taking over the Pentagon on Sunday — two days before the election — and that he'd been talking to Rumsfeld about a "change in leadership," you have to give Bush credit for seeing what was coming."

More proof that no matter what Bush does, FOX is there to spin it for him. If this was a Democrat there'd be "reporting" ad nauseum, banners and graphics galore, and attacks on not just the character of the person but of the entire party. Just more proof that Bush can do whatever he wants without consequence, as FOX will spin and cover for him.