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Bill O'Reilly's Crusade Against Kansas Physician Proceeds Cautiously

Reported by Deborah - November 9, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly continued his attack on George Tiller ,a Kansas Physician who performs legally sanctioned, late term abortions when the woman's health is at risk. On Friday,11/3, he mounted a vicious attack on Tiller using outrageous language inviting a defamation suit and his claim that he had inside information has prompted a possible investigation. So last night, 11/8, the rhetoric was very toned down and there seemed to be an uncharacteristic concern with journalistic standards. However, his guest, Mary Kay Kulp, Kansans for Life, was full of gory medical details and dubious cremation tales and he proudly showed a clip of a confrontation with Tiller's lawyer, Pedro Irigonegary.

The segment opened with a clip of O'Reilly's producer confronting George Tiller's lawyer, Pedro Irigonegary, who was very angry. He made it clear that he didn't care what Bill O'Reilly or Fox thought claiming that the medical team decides what's best for the women involved. O'Reilly seemed very proud of his producer's relentless harrassment and ambush of the Irigonegary.

Then Mary Kay Culp started describing partial birth abortions as if that's what Tiller performs which is not the case. O'Reilly actually cut in to say that Tiller does not do partial birth abortions which he stopped in 1999 . Culp was not deterred and started a graphic description of late term abortions. She then claimed that there is a crematorium at the clinic and her group has stood outside while gray ash from the cremated babies covered their clothes. O'Reilly asked her if she had any proof and Culp insisted that she has invited the media but they never show up addng that there was one witness but Tiller intimidated the person.

So this installment had no talk of " executed babies" moments away from birth. The law allows the procedure up until the 22nd week of a 40 week gestation period. There also was no bragging about having evidence from inside sources especially since his Attorney General buddy, Phill Kline, lost the election.

Comment: O'Reilly is so outraged that depression is considered a valid reason to terminate a pregnancy yet he has absolutely no idea what a woman experiences during pregnancy and the overwhelming problems connected with raising a child without money, support, emotional stability and often sobriety.

O'Reilly also doesn't realize that if a woman allows an unwanted pregnancy to progress for 20 weeks, she is obviously in a state of emotional chaos and denial. How many of these women have been drinking, taking drugs and ignoring the health of the developing fetus? As a special education teacher, I know what horrors can result from destructive pre natal behaviors.

O'Reilly thinks depression means the women are a little down in the dumps and certainly not a valid reason to authorize termination. He conveniently forgets that Andrea Yates was depressed and a late term abortion would have saved the lives of four innocent children.

Bill O'Reilly sees himself as a noble and just culture warrior but he is profoundly hindered by his narrow, judgemental vision. He will never serve humanity because he's oblivious to the complexity of human suffering.