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Bill O'Reilly continues to claim inside information in Kansas abortions

Reported by Chrish - November 9, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo tonight 11/9/06 went after Dr. George Tiller in Kansas with inflammatory rhetoric, sparking outrage and ginning up sales for his Civil Warrior book - excuse me, "culture" war. Same thing, in essence, as O'Reilly seeks to divide the "folks" in the United States over our differences, rather than trying to bridge those differences with understanding. What a great American.

He continues to infer that he has some inside information, that women receive elective abortions from Tiller up to and including the ninth month if theyre' suffering from "simple depression." Obviously this segment belongs under "most ridiculous item" and O'Reilly needs to seek counseling. His allegation that the women in Kansas and surrounding states get in a funk and decide to terminate perfectly healthy pregnancies at the last minute, and that Dr. Tiller would aid and abet such a procedure is insulting to say the least, and perhaps slanderous. We'll see soon enough.

He is calling for demonstrations outside the clinic to protest this "barbarianism." With a wave of the hand he says

"this has nothing to do with reproductive rights or any other euphemism. This has to do with terminating the lives of viable babies because the mother wants to back out of the pregnancy in the late stages."
"If we let Tiller do this, we can't pass judgment on anybody for anything. What Tiller is doing is that bad."

This infuriates me. IF he has inside information he is complicit in a violation of doctor-patient confidentiality rights - you know, the rights that the ACLU defended for Rush Limbaugh. If he is talking out of his ass, putting on the shtick he admitted to on Oprah to keep viewers, then maybe he is only guilty of slander and defamation.

O'Reilly is neither a doctor nor a woman. He is not privy to what goes on in the ob/gyn offices of America and while he's entitled to his opinion on the morality of abortion, to egg his followers on to a witch-hunt is irresponsible and potentially dangerous. Dr. Tiller has already been shot by a crazed anti-abortion nut. What Tiller does is legal and safe for the women involved. Not only is O'Reilly's personal view all too plain to see, his contempt for women is laid out bare too.

Only on FOX have I ever seen an "anchor" suggest that his viewers should be protesting one man and his professional practice, practically inciting a riot. Real journalism, fair and balanced? We report, you deride.