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Neil Cavuto Cheers Democrats, Claims Wall Street Loves'em

Reported by Melanie - November 8, 2006 -

Well, not exactly.

Those who have watched Fox News for any length of time know that when something good happens to Republicans, like say, an election, Fox grabs it and doesn't let go for days or weeks afterward. For example, after the 2004 election, Neil Cavuto and his crew deemed every upward move in the stock market, no matter how small, a "Bush rally" and proof that the country was united behind Bush in his "mandate" (remember that?).

Today (November 8, 2006) the Dow was up 19.77 points. I'm willing to bet that if the Republicans had swept yesterday Cavuto would have called it a "Bush rally" again. But, obviously, the Democrats swept, so did he call it a "Democratic rally," or say something like, "Wall Street rallies on yesterday's election results?" Hell no. Today's gain was again attributed to Bush. Cavuto exclaimed:

Would you believe another all-time high?! A rally after a man known as a Cold War warrior nominated to head the Defense Department.

There are, after all, only 727 days left until the next election and on Fox, the campaigning has begun.