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Cameron Signals Fox Plan to Attack Pelosi

Reported by Judy - November 8, 2006 -

Fox News is wasting no time in attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, letting lose Carl Cameron to go after her.

Cameron is pushing an agenda of the House in disarray under Democrats, painting the chamber as divided between conservative Democrats "who do not share the values" of Pelosi.

"Nancy Pelosi has a reputation for some verbal misstatements over the years," he said, without citing any. "She has enemies in the Democratic conference, including there have been famous stories about how even some of her own lieutenants in the Democratic leadership pretty much wait for her to leave the room and knife her in the back. So there will be battles."

He also predicted "fabulous intrigue" over how the "Democratic Party comes to grips with the idea that it is going to be led by a woman, from San Francisco. And just think about it every time San Francisco has a gay pride parade, Nancy Pelosi is not going to want to be in her home town and still be the Speaker of the House."

Seems to me a lot of people might be feeling quite a bit of loyalty to Pelosi, who just delivered them from 12 years of wandering in the wilderness as the minority party. That feat just might give her a little bit of extra stature.

As for battles in the House, Cameron might have mentioned what will be happening on the Republican side, where Dennis Hastert likely will be booted out of leadership. Why didn't he discuss the "intrigue" expected there? Dox Fox News prefer to depict Democrats as squabbling and in disagreement while portraying Republicans as always unified?