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Bill O'Reilly Lays Out His Conditions For Democrats

Reported by Deborah - November 8, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly, apparently believing he can still influence the American people, told Chuck Schumer D. NY what he expects from the Democratic Party especially Nancy Pelosi. The Culture Warrior let it be known that he is watching closely. Schumer did not seem too concerned. 11/8/06

When BOR started in on Pelosi , Schumer defended her claiming she comes from a large Italian-American political family from Baltimore reminding O'Reilly that she is dedicated and pragmatic. O'Reilly quipped that he doesn't want to have dinner with Pelosi but wants to make sure she doesn't support " unfettered abortion" and legalizing drugs because that's what goes on in her San Francisco district.

Then BOR wanted to know if the Democrats were going to investigate and "create scandals"?
Claiming the country has given Dems a chance he warned , " I don't want sleazy little investigations."

O'Reilly, an expert on sleazy investigations and scandal creation would certainly recognize this behavior quickly in Democrats and naturally nip it in the bud with his own sleazy investigation on The Factor.

Finally he wanted assurances that Democrats wouldn't let Howard Dean or John Murtha dictate the policy in Iraq. He wanted to know who the " architect" was going to be arrogantly demanding of Schumer, " Are you going to be the architect?" Then he warned that he would hold him responsible. At this point, he realized that he needed Schumer on his side now and asked him to come on The Factor first with any details of the plan. Schumer was polite enough not to remind Bill how many times he had insisted that the Democrats had no plan.

Peter King R, NY appeared next and O'Reilly asked King if the Democrats were planning an "investigation ballet"? King claimed the Democratic Caucus far to the left of the American people would be pressured to go after the administration and " create a scandal". Trying to get King to bad mouth Pelosi, BOR said, " You're not buying Nancy Pelosi as a kindly Italian grandmother."
King wouldn't take the bait proving that times are sure changing.