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Popinjay Bill O'Reilly meddles in Kansas Attorney General race, attacks McClatchy newspapers

Reported by Chrish - November 7, 2006 -

It's all in a day's work on The Factor 11/06/06. Doing his part to rile the disenchanted Republican base with the ever-useful abortion issue, O'Reilly continued his attacks on Dr. George Tiller and McClatchy Newspapers, who own The Wichita Eagle and The Kansas City Star. To assist him was conservative talk-radio host Megan Mosack who lives in Topeka Kansas, which is coincidentally (?) home of hate-mongering Fred Phelps.

O'Reilly's goal tonight was to prop up incumbent Attorney General Phill Kline, who is under fire from many sides for his fishing expedition into Tiller's clinic's records. Tiller is the only provider of late-term abortions in Kansas, and O'Reilly's voice totally dripped with contempt when he said Tiller performed these procedures on women who were suffering from depression. O'Reilly, who has insinuated he's been made privy to some specifics learned in the course of Kline's investigation, used the most inflammatory language in his zeal to upset voters to the polls. He did not mention that his boasting of inside information has led to a lawyers for Tiller asking the state's Supreme Court to appoint a special prosecutor to take possession of the files while they investigate O'Reilly's claim to inside information.

O'Reilly's intentions were clear on this election eve. He said of Kline's opponent, Paul Morrison

"If Morrison wins tomorrow he says he will drop the Tiller investigations. We don't endorse candidates here, but obviously that would be a colossal mistake. (his emphasis)"

Morrison, a well-respected former prosecutor in Republican Johnson County and a former Republican himself, changed parties to challenge what he feels is an extremist reaching of the far-right wing in the persona of Phill Kline. Tiller, the citizen, has made contributions to Morrison's campaign, and O'Reilly infers that opens up all kinds of questions.

Ms. Mosack came on, ostensibly as some kind of Kansas-expert, and said that Tiller was essentially trying to buy the AG's office by putting "hundreds of thousands of dollars" into PACs and "non-profits which are acting like PACs" and in her opinion, endorsing a candidate. Horrors! Has he done anything illegal? Well no, but these PACs are in turn putting out materials that say Phill Kline is sniffing around in women's private medical records. O'Reilly calls it a distortion because the names of the patients has been redacted - (at least until Kline determines they should not be.)

Mosack doesn't say who "we" are, but "we" are estimating Tiller will be spending upwards of $1 million dollars funding these campaigns. O'Reilly says that if you go to Tiller's website, you'll see it's "awful", which sounds like there are graphics and horror stories. What you'll find:

"Kindness, courtesy, justice, love and respect are the cornerstones of our patient-provider relationships."

Mosack, a city-girl who moved to Kansas less than four years ago, says she can speak for the majority of Kansans and says they don't share Tiller's values (which she doesn't enumerate). Because this is "the crown jewel of the Democratic party, abortion" she says the newspapers won't touch it, which leaves O'Reilly his opening to again name McClatchy and specifically The Kansas City Star - "off the charts."

Now how can such liberal newspapers survive in such a Republican, conservative environment? Either the papers are not as liberal as they say or the people are not as conservative as they say. In fact the Kansas City Star has covered the situation adequately from Kline's demand for the records up until now, when they are reporting on the brouhaha caused by O'Reilly's contention he knows why some of the late-term abortions were performed - depression, said in the most mocking tone you can imagine.

O'Reilly may have shot his candidate in the foot and made the case against him - by trumpeting on national TV that he has knowledge of some cases, he has confirmed that privacy is indeed being compromised.

Also note for the record that both Dr. Tiller and the Stowers in KCMO (Stem cell research) are being publicly taken to task for financially supporting causes and candidates, yet we never hear about the support Republicans get from big oil, insurance companies, big pharma, tobacco, and the rest of the in-crowd.

What's good for the goose(D) is ignored for the gander(R) on FOX.