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Give Sean Hannity A Nervous Breakdown: Vote Democratic!

Reported by Ellen - November 7, 2006 -

Here we are on election eve and, just as the pollsters predict, this Independent has decided to break Democratic. There are a few good Republican candidates on my ballot, one of whom was endorsed by my local, liberal newspaper. And I have been so disgusted by the Republican-appeasing “strategies” of the Democrats that I thoroughly antagonized some nice lady from my state’s Democratic Party who made the mistake of asking me on the phone if they could count on me voting straight Democratic.

But after weeks of deliberation, and some long talks with my nearest and dearest, I have made up my mind. I can’t vote for anyone from a Party supporting torture, eliminating habeas corpus, wiretapping without warrants and demonizing its opposition as friendly to terrorists. So, Ms. Democratic campaign-worker, if you're out there reading this, you can count on me after all.

Besides, if everybody does it with me, it will drive Sean Hannity berserk!