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Brit Hume on the Blogs

Reported by Chrish - November 7, 2006 -

At 7:43 Election night Hume explained to FOX viewers what a blog is and does and introduced a real live blogger to add commentary to the mix: Michelle Malkin.

First Malkin noted that Redstate.com has video posted from Youtube.com of poll worker intimidation and a screenshot of the webpage was shown; both sides are monitoring potential "harrassment or intimidation."

There has been a vast, well-organized and well-funded effort by video documentarians on the left who pooled resources and formed www.videothevote.com to record instances of "so-called harrassment and intimidation."

Malkin credits the left for bringing the story of robo-calling to the attention of the Justice Department and claims the issue unites both left and right, and further in the segment Bill Kristol calls the tactic "scurrilous" and feigns great disgust. Malkin says the calls have been deceptive on both sides of the aisle, referencing "the Talking Points Memo site" but reporting shows the calls have originated from Republican offices.

Talking about the "Democrats preemptive stategy to undermine the results of the election no matter what they are" (I sense BIG-time projection here as FOX has been prepping for a Democratic tidal wave for weeks, hinting at voter fraud and casting more dispersions on exit polls), she reported that MoveOn.org, through DailyKos, is offering a $250,000 reward "for people to scavenger hunt across the country" for evidence of voter intimidation.

An interesting sampling of topics and websites, from a decidedly right-wing blogger.