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Smith Repeats There Is A 'Late Republican Surge' Several Times

Reported by Donna - November 6, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith there was talk about various campaigns, but Smith kept bringing it back to the fact that several polls had a 'late Republican surge' happening.

He went to the Senate race in New Jersey and had Tom Kean (R) on and said that Bob Menendez (D) was not returning their calls.

Kean took advantage and launched a negative campaign against Menendez right there on Studio B. With Menendez unable to offer the 'fair and balanced' part you think that Fox would have had a Menendez commercial on. No, they ran a Kean commercial with more negative campaigning against Menendez. Even Smith said they were unable to substantiate that Menendez was under investigation but Kean insisted that it was so.

To add to all this, several times throughout the broadcast Smith kept referring to the 'late surge' that the Republicans were experiencing in the polls.

Comment: However, when they went to Fox's own poll it showed that the Republicans had lost 2 points in how people would vote - 45% for Democrats, 36% for Republicans, when last month it showed 38% for Republicans.

Guess Fox can't talk about their polls too much, they have to boost the polls of others in favor of the Republicans.

(Yawn) Another fair and balanced segment on Studio B. Although most of the talk was about Republicans, he did allow one Democrat, Nick Lampson, in a congressional race for Tom Delay's old seat to say that the votes would be mixed up because there was a write in vote for the Republican candidate and the Independent candidate had already said he would caucus with the Republicans. Did he get to talk about his campaign? No. Same old, same old.

If the votes suddenly swing for Republicans tomorrow, be sure that Fox will say it was the 'late surge of the Republicans.'