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Robert Greenwald Hits Home Run On Bill Maher

Reported by Donna - November 6, 2006 -

Bill Maher's show is on at 11 p.m. est on Fridays. This past Friday Robert Greenwald was an early guest on his show. The discussion was about Greenwald's documentary, Iraq For Sale. The interview went quite well, even Maher going as far as saying everyone, including fiscal Republicans should see this documentary.

You all should know Robert Greenwald from the famous Outfoxed Documentary that helped start News Hounds. Way to go, Robert! Video from Crooks & Liars.

Greenwald spoke about all the graft that went on in Iraq since the war began. There were several companies who signed on for services that were never delivered. That didn't stop them from collecting their checks, though.

Greenwald also told Maher that they are outsourcing a lot of our military services to for profit corporations including Halliburton and KBR. He said that not only are our tax monies going to these corporations and staying out of the hands of our military and rebuilding Iraq.

Robert said it was obscene and unconscionable that these no bid contracts were given out to these corporations, with the head of Halliburton's CEO making 100 million off of his stocks.

Maher spoke about it with his guests afterwards, but it's apparent that it's not a big point being made this election season. Maher came at Rep. Kingston (R) about the Republican congress not investigating. The congressman agreed that there should be oversight. Even Alec Baldwin asked him why there was no oversight. Kingston talked circles but didn't really answer the question. Baldwin said that he thinks Defense Fraud should be tantamount to treason and the Representative agreed with him, but what else could he do? But the interview was excellent and we urge our readers to catch it. It's on at 8:00 p.m. est tonight or anytime on HBO on Demand. Don't miss it, it will give you that pre-election oomph!