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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of Oct. 30

Reported by Janie - November 6, 2006 -

The website used for last week's Outrageous Quote (blogflux) is currently down, and we are unable to include last week's results. As soon as the site is back up, I will update this post with last week's winner.

For this weeks wide-ranging selections, please take a look below the jump!

Option A: "We refer to it around the house as the slap down. She was very tough but she was very accurate and very aggressive. She spoke her mind and I thought it was perfectly appropriate." - Dick Cheney on his wife's hypocrisy on CNN, "Your World with Neil Cavuto", 10/30/06

Option B: "You have to realize that he’s winning in North Korea." - Dick Morris on George Bush, "Hannity & Colmes", 10/30/06

Option C: "They’re dangerous [the left]... trying to undermine the will of the American people." - Tom Delay, "Hannity & Colmes", 10/31/06

Option D: "Fox on top of stocks. Not the lead item even for Wall Street today. All tongues wagging on all things Kerry. John Kerry. What he said, what he meant, and today from soldiers' families themselves, what impact he had. And, from our own Fox Stox guys, what impact this could be having on your money. More than you may know!" - Neil Cavuto claiming the Kerry botched joke may have an impact on the stock market, "Your World", 11/1/06

Option E: "That shifting - our reporting shifted that, I think. Our reporting right here shifted that because we said look, big money behind it, they could benefit from it financially, and then with the spot that they put up, it's not all black and white." - Delusional Bill O'Reilly claiming his show turned the tide on an embryonic stem cell bill in MO, "The O'Reilly Factor", 11/2/06

Option F: “Every time (the liberals) take over the White House, they do social experiments with the military, they undermine the military, they cut the military’s budget. Why don’t you liberals just admit it? You don’t like the military. It’s all phony when you say you support the troops." - Mark Levin, "Hannity & Colmes", 11/2/06

Option G: "In one picture, a tiny little girl looms over her grandfather, standing on a table behind him. In another the same granddad lies in a hammock with another grand daughter. Both smiling as if in another world — their world.

This is Cheney world." - Neil Cavuto, "Your World, 11/3/06