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FOX News Offers Platform For Republicans’ Opening Arguments For Electoral Challenges

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2006 -

Author John Fund was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (11/5/06) denigrating Democratic concerns about election fraud and playing up Republican claims of voter fraud. Fund was nearly ubiquitous on FOX News during the run-up to the 2004 election with his dire warnings about the possibility of massive voter fraud during the presidential election. Funny how those concerns evaporated once Bush was declared the winner. But two days before another likely close election, Fund was back with almost the exact same message. It was déjà vu all over again.

This time around, Fund made it sound as though Democrats have made the problem worse. He claimed that the problem now is that people don’t trust the polls, calling that mistrust “toxic cynicism.” He claimed there are 10,000 Democratic lawyers ready to challenge the election results, as opposed to 6,000 Republican lawyers. He estimated the chances are 20 percent “we’re going to go into overtime, Sean, where election day becomes election month and the lawyers and the courts take over. That’s a mistake.” In other words, just as Democrats who voice concerns about Republican policy are now called unpatriotic appeasers, Democrats who voice concerns about the integrity of the election tally will be called unpatriotic underminers of democracy.

Scrubbing the election rolls, however, is an entirely different issue. While Fund disparages those who want to ensure that all votes are counted, he also hypes the idea that legions of illegitimate voters are out there trying to game the system. Coincidentally, these illegitimate voters always seem to be in Democratic areas. Last night, when asked by Sean Hannity about “some of the potential for fraud… Any specific areas you’re looking at?” Fund just happened to focus on Democratic Kansas City which just happens to be a key area in one of the closest Senate races where the Democrat, Claire McCaskill, just pulled ahead. Fund said he had talked to the director of elections in Kansas City, Missouri, that day. “40% of the voter registrations turned in by this liberal group, ACORN, were bogus.”

Democrats be warned.