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FOX News Gives Republicans A Pep Rally Via Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2006 -

Republicans outnumbered Democrats by more than two to one again tonight on Hannity & Colmes, even if you count “Democratic pollster” Pat Caddell (who hasn’t worked either for Democrats or as a pollster in more than 25 years) as one of the latter. There was lots of talk about the Republican “surge” and “intensity” and Alan Colmes had to keep reminding everybody that it was normal to see a race tighten in the final days of a campaign. All the Republicans were upbeat about their chances all the time (including “Democrat” Caddell who expressed amazement at the hurt Kerry inflicted on his own Party). Bob Beckel was the only real Democratic guest and somehow, he was the only one who seemed truly relaxed. My prediction: Regardless of the outcome tomorrow night, Republicans will maintain their majority on Hannity & Colmes.