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Feisty Democrats on Hannity & Colmes “Special” Help Make Up For Unbalanced Guest List

Reported by Ellen - November 6, 2006 -

FOXNews.com described last night’s (11/5/06) special weekend edition of Hannity & Colmes as “analysis of the country’s hottest races – from both sides!” They forgot to mention that one side would outnumber the other by more than two to one. But Democratic guest Jerry Brown did an outstanding job despite the odds. Alan Colmes was at the top of his game, too. Best moment of the night: Brown told Sean Hannity that his attacks on Democrats are dangerous and totalitarian. With video.

The program began with a lengthy interview with Republican senate candidate Bob Corker. This was Corker’s second Hannity & Colmes appearance of late, whereas Corker’s opponent, Harold Ford, Jr., only had one. Something tells me Ford will not be on the show Monday. Nevertheless, Colmes asked Corker several good questions such as “You can’t call the president’s policy in Iraq a success can you?”

No, he couldn’t. Corker said, “I never thought we went there with enough troops in the first place… Just like World War II, you have to change strategies, you have to make adjustments. I think that’s what we’re doing now. I hope it is.”

Later, an unbalanced panel of conservative Michael Barone, Republican Tom Bevan and Republican Amy Holmes argued (civilly, thank goodness) through three segments that Republicans wil get out their vote, that they're the more motivated voters and that the tide is turning in their favor. Jane Fleming, Executive Director of the Young Democrats for America, was the only Democrat on the panel but she held her own, argued her points well and never once apologized for Democrats nor distanced herself from the Party in any way. She is fast becoming my favorite Democratic pundit on FOX News.

But by far the most compelling guest was Jerry Brown, the current Mayor of Oakland, California. Presumably Brown was the Democratic balance for Corker. Brown’s an interesting guy and a former presidential candidate but, unlike Corker, Brown's current race for State Attorney General, in which he is 24 points ahead, hardly qualifies as one of “the country’s hottest races.”

Nevertheless, more Democrats should take a page from his playbook. “Patriotic” Hannity was 21 seconds into his questioning when he started demonizing his fellow Americans. “I make the case, Mr. Mayor, that the prominent leaders of your party, the Democratic Party, are undermining the president and the war and they’re saying irresponsible things on an almost daily basis.” Hannity went through his usual litany of distortions, with the new addition of “stuck in Iraq.” (Comment: I was not upset with Kerry when he made the remark but the sudden realization that I’ll be listening to Hannity harp on it until the end of time has made me reconsider my perspective.)

Brown replied, “Well, I hope you’re not saying that we should censor speech in this country. A robust debate is what America’s all about and that’s one of the rationales when we go to war.”

Hannity ramped up his Hanctimonious bullying, raising his voice and jabbing his finger. “Aren’t you embarrassed your leaders say that?”

Brown said “I think it’s a very dangerous idea that says once we’re at war… everybody’s got to shut up. I think that is a very totalitarian idea.”

Hannity disingenuously insisted he wasn’t telling anyone to shut up but that “that level of rhetoric while our troops are in harm’s way is wrong.”

Brown answered that people should be careful about what they say and avoid hyperbole but, he added, “Look, George Bush went over there without enough troops… and a lot of people have been hurt by these bad decisions… Kerry makes a comment about Bush and your whole FOX network with a Republican cheering, you know, amen chorus started blaming Kerry whereas we’re losing a lot of people over there, we’re extending our own resources in a way that is distracting from the challenges at home and I think weakening us in other parts of the world.”

Colmes jumped in to take his turn and added, “The minute you speak out and say these kinds of things, you’re told your Purple Hearts are questioned, your medals are questioned, your patriotism is questioned. That’s the kind of rhetoric that I think is bad for America. It’s outrageous that they should question anybody who speaks out like they do.”

Damn right!