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Desperate to Energize GOP Base, FOX News Not Quoting Its Own Poll!

Reported by Marie Therese - November 6, 2006 -

During the FOX & Friends program this morning, the interchangeable hosts made a big deal about the last minute Republican "surge" in the polls, frequenting citing the most recent Pew poll, which shows the race tightening to single digits. However, a FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll of likely voters, covering Saturday and Sunday, November 4th and 5th, shows the Democrats leading nationally by 13%! FOX News apparently can't even bring itself to quote its own polling numbers if those numbers predict a dismal election day for the GOP.

I've hosted three (four, if you count the one tomorrow morning) MoveOn.org Call for Change parties. Last Saturday we noticed something rather interesting. Several of us spoke with voters in Virginia who planned to go to the polls, but only to vote for the initiative to keep marriage between a man and a woman (as they put it). They had no intention of voting for actual candidates. We speculated that some of the heretofore rock-solid evangelical base have decided to sit this one out.

Go to Polling Report to view the various poll results.

I would like to encourage those of you who have not made calls to volunteer right now.

You can call from home or attend house parties.

Go to MoveOn's Virtual Election Headquarters to sign up - and to see a real time counter tick off the huge number of calls that have been made!

It's NOW or NEVER, guys!