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Bill O'Reilly Uses " San Francisco Values" Election Eve Scare Tactic

Reported by Deborah - November 6, 2006 -

O'Reilly joined Kirsten Powers and Michelle Malkin for some election eve Pelosi bashing so voters would know the horror ahead when those nasty San Francisco values sweep the country if Democrats gain control. O'Reilly used the first half of the segment to discuss Dr. George Tiller, who he called, Tiller the Baby Killer, on Friday 11/03 and managed to weave Nancy Pelosi into the mix so viewers could make a connection before going to the polls tomorrow.

Michelle Malkin connected San Francisco with Kansas and Dr. Tiller who she claimed had " blood on his hands." The secular progressives are responsible adding that it was "a matter of life and death" that they don't gain control.

Then BOR moved to Kirsten Powers claiming that since she " hangs out with liberal" what does she make of people like Amy Richards. Powers chuckled that her whole family were liberals sounding like she thought it was an endearing burden. O'Reilly continued that Amy Richards seemed like a nice person but said on Friday, that she didn't care if a ten year old is raped.

In fact, Richards never said anything close to that. The video of the interview is still posted on O'Reilly's foxnews.com webpage labeled " Tiller Baby Killer Part1" When O'Reilly raved that the clinic should turn over the names of the rapists, she said maybe they don't know the names and added later that is the girl never had a rape kit done within 24 hours the rapist couldn't be prosecuted. Richards supported the legal right of the ten year old to obtain a legal abortion. She also told O'Reilly that if he cared about ten year olds getting raped he should work to change the laws that make convicting a rapist really difficult. This infuriated O'Reilly.

Powers did not tell O'Reilly that Richards never said she didn't care. Instead, Powers called Richards' stand extreme and what she said offensive adding that feminists are supposed to help children. Powers then blamed the media claiming they always portray the person performing or recieving an abortion as doing the right thing. Did Powers give her opinion without even researching what was actually said on Friday?

Now it was time for a brief Nancy Pelosi bash. Malkin said all the usual things about how Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco values perfectly despite her " moderate Halloween costume."
Powers quipped that Pelosi is considered conservative in San Francisco and then claimed that Pelosi will have to work with moderate Democrats who only won because they are moderate. "Is she very liberal? Yes," Powers agreed.

comment: I am often baffled by Kirsten Powers. I don't understand why she believes that her own personal opinion is an adequate response when she is working as a Democratic analyst. I have no problem with Powers expressing her own opinions but why can't she speak for other Democrats too. How about standing up for Nancy Pelosi just enough to dispel the evil boogeyman myth. O'Reilly figures that the majority of his audience doesn't know Pelosi therefore he feels comfortable creating the perception that Pelosi is a dangerous character ready to destroy society.
Powers is a political expert and knows Pelosi well. If she wants to agree with the opposition, that's fine, but she should at least provide a Democratic perspective. She could easily let viewers know that although she feels one way there are people in her party who feel differently. It's her job , in my opinion, to be supportive of all Democratic Party values. Also, if Powers is going to say that Amy Richards comments were offensive, she should at least know what Richards said or state that she hadn't heard the exchange.