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Bill Hemmer Tries To Get Howard Dean To Say That Democrats Will Raise Taxes

Reported by Donna - November 6, 2006 -

Today on Fox On Line with Bill Hemmer he spoke with Howard Dean regarding taxes and the Democratic Party.

Several times Hemmer said that the Republicans said that Democrats would raise taxes and he showed a poll that said that 61% think Democrats will raise taxes. Howard Dean had to tell Hemmer several times that this was not the case.

Dean said the truth of the matter is Democrats would not touch middle class taxes, they approved of the marriage penalty tax being done away with and tuition tax breaks. The cuts that Democrats were looking at were the ones given to the Oil Companies and Insurance Companies.

Comment: Hemmer kept repeating that the feeling was that Democrats would raise taxes. Howard Dean did a great job of coming back and reinforcing the fact that there would be no middle class tax increases. Hemmer said he'd have him back in three weeks if the Democrats should get some gains tomorrow to see if that was so.