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Bill O'Reilly Faces Investigation After Claiming Kansas Physician"Executes Babies"

Reported by Deborah - November 5, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly claimed, on The O'Reilly Factor, 11/3,that he had evidence obtained from the "inside" proving that a Kansas Physician has been " executing babies about to be born" because the mothers said they were depressed. O'Reilly referred to Dr. George Tiller as " Tiller the baby killer" on national TV and also claimed that he purposely protected the rapists of 10 to 15 year old girls who legally obtained abortions at his clinic. After the outrageous commentary, he viciously attacked guest Amy Richards, a women's rights advocate and then wrapped up the disgraceful performance with Phill Kline, a Republican candidate for Attorney General in Kansas who openly discussed the medical records on national television . Of course, the high minded cultural warrior made sure to blame everything on " the far left gone insane".

In Kansas, late term abortions, up to 22 weeks, are legal if the mother's health is endangered. O'Reilly admitted that he has been trying without success to obtain records from Tiller's clinic but now has information from " inside" to prove his case. O'Reilly bragged that he had "incontrovertible evidence" that George Tiller was executing babies just because the mother said she was depressed. He made reference to the medical sheets as if he had seen them even though it is illegal to have the medical records.

When Amy Richards appeared O'Reilly kept badgering her with the same question getting more agitated until he reached a point of sheer madness. " So you're okay with this man executing babies about to be born because the woman says she's depressed?" When O'Reilly again accused the Clinic of witholding names of rapists, Richards suggested that some of the women probably didn't know the names. BOR exposed himself again shouting," We know they do know the name of the rapist. Are you okay with that."

Richards was not intimidated by O'Reilly and he said " We'll let the audience decide who the noble person is here." After thanking her for appearing he attacked her again saying that people like her don't care about babies getting killed. The video is available on his Foxnews.com webpage entitled Tiller Baby Killer Part 1

In the meantime, Dr Tiller has decided to fight back and will ask the Kansas Supreme Court to investigate O'Reilly and Phil Kline to take back the records of 90 patients that Kline has obtained and to find out about O'Reilly's " inside" source.

The Kansas City Star reported that Phill Kline denied giving Bill O'Reilly any information. According to the article. BOR could be in legal trouble.

"Pedro Irigonegaray, an attorney for the Overland Park clinic operated by Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, said Kline should not be talking about the case on television.

“I am absolutely flabbergasted that our attorney general first decided to go on Mr. O’Reilly’s show to talk about what is supposed to be a criminal investigation,” Irigonegaray said, adding that it was “inconceivable” how O’Reilly could have received information about private medical records.

Has the fearless T- Warrior finally gone too far? One can only hope that Bill O'Reilly finally gets the justice he deserves.