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Why Was Laura Bush In John Gibson's Interview With Charlie Rangel

Reported by Deborah - November 4, 2006 -

While Charlie Rangel was discussing giving bigger tax cuts to middle class and low income Americans, a shot of Laura Bush appearing at a Bob Corker rally was shown next to Rangels head. Laura Bush or Corker were never mentioned during the interview so obviously John Gibson and Fox were up to something. 11/3/06

Rangel, as always, handled himself beautifully while Gibson confronted him about his little verbal tif with Dick Cheney. The chyrons leading into the interview were the usual inflammatory stuff about Rangel calling Cheney an SOB after Cheney went after him about raising taxes. Rangel with his usual magic made the Cheney thing a non issue.

As Rangel started to go into detail about the tax issues, the screen split and Laura Bush appeared walking onstage in front of a cheering crowd. The camera cut to a big Corker sign and Laura Bush was shown speaking at the podium with an enormous flag backdrop. Check out the video here from Gibson's webpage.

comment: Maybe the Laura Bush/Corker clip was just a random pick but it raised some questions for me. Gibson is in a frenzy and he'll try anything at this point. FOX viewers do you want Charlie Rangel and Harold Ford or the divine, white purity of Laura Bush and Bob Corker?