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FOX News Suggests GOP "Wooing" Lieberman in Attempt to Persuade Him to Join Republican Party

Reported by Marie Therese - November 4, 2006 -

Friday morning during the FOX & Friends show, host Gretchen Carlson said this: "Last week, the Mayor of New York City, a Republican, Mike Bloomberg, had a big fundraising event for [Joe Lieberman]. And now there is talk by some insiders that the GOP is wooing Lieberman because they believe if, in fact, he's elected next Tuesday as an Independent, that he may cross the line and come over and decide to be a Republican. Earlier this week President Bush praised Lieberman for his pro-Iraq stance. Some people say hey look, if the Republicans give him a big job - one in particular like Chairman of the Budget Committee - maybe in fact Lieberman would become a Republican."


TPM Cafe reported on October 21st that Lieberman has recieved substantial contributions from long-time Republican donors:

"Among the GOP donors who gave to Lieberman: Bush inner circle member Joseph Allbaugh, longtime Bush family friend Melvin Sembler, and 'dozens of others from Texas' and other states. Lieberman campaign manager Sherry Brown told the paper that the campaign hadn't had contact with the White House, but she added of the GOP money: 'We reached out and people reached out to us.'" (TPM Cafe)

Oh, Joe, say it ain't so!