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Take a Guess as to How Neil Cavuto Covered the Ted Haggard Sex & Drug Scandal

Reported by Melanie - November 3, 2006 -

The day Republican Mark Foley resigned, David Asman was substituting for Neil Cavuto on Your World and he made only a brief reference to the news -- calling it a "dust up" -- even though it was literally breaking during that hour.

Tuesday, during the height of the feigned indignation over John Kerry's flub, Asman happened to be substituting for Cavuto again and the show was essentially an hourlong FOX NEWS ALERT blitz that repeatedly reminded viewers of what Kerry said.

Wednesday Cavuto continued bashing Kerry, going so far as to imply that the fallout from his flub might affect Wall Street and thus people's investments. Cavuto combined that with segments featuring military families who expressed their disdain for Kerry and appearances by Bernard Kerik and Pat Boone who claimed the terrorists would use Kerry's remarks to kill even more Americans.

Thursday Cavuto continued the bash-Democrats-via-Kerry theme by featuring segments with guests like Alfonse D'Amato and Florida Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

So how has Cavuto covered the news about a staunch anti-gay Republican evangelical, who had a standing Monday date to chat with George Bush or one of his advisors, and who, at the very least, bought methamphetamines and got a massage from a gay prostitute? Two words: He hasn't. He hasn't said a word.

As an aside, a better title for this post might have been something more Cavuto-like. How about: Stocks Tank -- Does Wall Street Fear for Economy if Hypocrisy of Evangelical Leaders is Exposed? Is your Money at Risk? (Stocks were down today after all.)

Posted: November 3, 2006.