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O'Reilly gives Kerry way too much credit

Reported by Chrish - November 3, 2006 -

Ah, the smell of desperation in the crisp fall air. Speaking with Republican strategist and vicious commercial producer Dick Morris last night 11/2/06 on The Factor, Bill O'Reilly tried to deny all the polls and the months-long trends that clearly indicate a Democratic sweep at the polls next week. Introducing the segment with a picture of Kerry and the words "Political Fallout" behind him, O'Reilly said that his mail is "absolutely over the top furious" over John Kerry. That's enough for him to toss out 2 months of scientific polls and reports that Americans are angry at Bush and his Republican Congress and want a new direction for the country.

He said there are conservatives who were not going to vote but now Kerry's remarks have motivated them to go out. I call bullshit.

Morris was reciting some statistics indicating that Republicans don't seem to want a Republican Congress this time around while O'Reilly muttered "I don't believe that." Morris focused on Missouri and said that only 2/3 of the state's Republicans plan to vote for the incumbent Republican and only 56% of self-described born-again Christians will vote for him. As Morris put it, this election will not be determined by independents but by Republicans getting out their base, and it doesn't look promising for them.

O'Reilly would have none of it. He asked if "the stem-cell thing, which has turned around," would help, and Morris said that yeeaaah, but they're running up a down escalator - the Republican base is leaving, and he thinks it's the "isolationist wing, the Buchanan wing" that is walking out on the Bush wing (aka the far right radical religious wing).

O'Reilly admits that may be true, but puts forth the fallacy that there are "so many more conservative and traditional Americans" than the liberal people, but they're going to stay home Tuesday because they don't like either of 'em (his emphasis, jabbing both fingers).

Morris, who was being very serious, said ths is the first time since 1974 that the Republican base doesn't want the Republican Party to win. O'Reilly keeps insisting that John Kerry's blooper has energized the disenchanted voters and victory will be theirs! Not so dramatically; actually he said in his best journalistic manner "Are you gonna tell me that after John Kerry and all this stuff, the Republican conservative base is gonna vote Democrat (sic)? I don't think so."

Morris said or they'll stay home - he hoped not, but all the polls since the first week of September, certainly after Foley, have shown that flip. O'Reilly overtalked, saying that things are different now. He thinks Morris is underestimating the Kerry Factor, he weally does. Opening his eyes wide, he said he thinks it jolted people back in their chairs, and they realize now that if they vote for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and Harry Reid, this is what they'll get.

Morris got with the program at that point and said Kerry's gaffe was a "Freudian slip" which gave vent to what he really believes and what the Democratic Party really believes. (Yes, that Bush was ill-prepared and now we're stuck in Iraq.)

O'Reilly continued to try to sell how "big" this event is and how it's going to change the outcome of the election - this is big, he repeats. Morris is warmed up now, and they don't show the vicious commercial but O'Reilly sat back and let Morris describe it frame by frame, the gist being that Democrats are soft on terror and we'll all die if they are elected.

O'Reilly is doing his part to rally the disaffected Republicans and get them to the polls Tuesday, which is his right as a citizen but a flagrant abuse of his position as a "fair and balanced" "journalist".

But he can't let it go - it's all they've got.