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Neil Cavuto Outs Himself as a Republican

Reported by Melanie - November 2, 2006 -

Last week I noticed that when Neil Cavuto spoke to Republicans he made a point of using the words, "your party," when asking them about strategy and issues. Not today (November 2, 2006). Today, Cavuto, who calls himself a journalist (a profession that expects neutrality -- or used to -- when on the job), either had a slip of the tongue or decided to stop the charade and out himself as the right-wing hack he is, because he admitted he is a Republican.

Here's how:

In a segment featuring Alfonse D'Amato that was allegedly about it being time for the GOP to move on after John Kerry's botched joke (but was instead about Kerry dissing the troops), Cavuto asked D'Amato this question:

Let me ask you Senator, I talked to a number of prominent Republicans in this state this morning who were telling me, almost to a man and woman, while we don't want to see Republicans go down next week, we welcome it to teach them a lesson that they abandoned their principles, that they're spending too much, that they're reckless on some of the things they supposedly are not, that they've been a contradiction to the values of our party, so a pox on their house. What do you make of that?

Comment: There you have it. The next time you hear Cavuto referred to as a "fair and balanced journalist" you'll know you're being lied to, that someone's trying to brainwash you, that someone's feeding you a line of bullshit, or all of the above.