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John Gibson can't handle the truth, blames liberal media

Reported by Chrish - November 2, 2006 -

"They want to make sure the conservative argument is shouted down, buried and made entirely disreputable. They do it with coverage: story selection, interview selection, sound bite selection and snarky scripts, and lead the viewers to their network conclusions that were set in stone at the 9 a.m. meeting."

Substitute "truth" for "conservative argument" and what have you got? Give me an F!...

In John Gibson's "My Word" yesterday 11/1/06 he claimed to have solid proof that the "Big Three", ABC, CBS, and NBC , are liberal leaning.

In an audit conducted by the Center for Media and Public Affairs September 5 through October 22 it was found that

"only 12 percent of election stories that aired on NBC, ABC, or CBS could be regarded as remotely "favorable" to Republicans.

In contrast, as The Washington Times put it this morning, "Democrats basked in glory." The study showed that 77 percent of news accounts in the six-week period offered favorable evaluations of Democratic candidates and lawmakers.

Robert Lichter, director of the CMPA, said: "The numbers are pretty striking. The coverage has become a referendum on Republican leadership."

Gibson characterized that referendum as "a clear jihad against the Republican Party." He wrote

"The killer stat from this study: Midterm elections in 2002 warranted only 35 stories from the "Big Three." Midterms in 2006 got 167 stories, and 77percent were pro-Dem."

From that he extrapolated

"Instead of just tilting left in the story while pretending to be objective, the mask is now off. The mainstream media, typified by the "Big Three," is rooting for the Dems to win, and slant coverage to make it happen."'

It doesn't occur to partisan Gibson that perhaps the news for Republicans just IS bad and the networks are reporting it straight. With Iraq a fiasco, Republicans being sentenced and investigated, the Foley page scandal and House leadership cover-up, and Congressional spending completely out of control there's really not much positive to say.

Gibson, indoctrinated by his network, seems to think that those numbers should be spun into something more "fair and balanced", that is, prop up Republicans somehow so at least half the stories are favorable to them, and talk down the Democrats to a comparable figure. But the coverage is fine. The Republicans really are a mess right now and compared to them Democrats are pretty appealing. Reality bites, huh?