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Fox Shows President Every Day On Studio B With No Coverage For the Democratic Candidate The President Isn't Stumping For

Reported by Donna - November 2, 2006 -

It's supposed to be fair and balanced but when it comes to Bush stumping for candidates, that's all you get, the president and his wife stumping for Republican candidates with no coverage of the Democratic candidates who they're running against.

Bush told a crowd, "If you want your taxes to go up, just go ahead and vote Democrat. If you want your taxes to stay low so this economy can continue to grow and create opportunities, elect Conrad Burns to the United States Senate."

Conrad Burns is perhaps best known as taking money from Jack Abramoff. Of course he gave some back so what does it matter, I'm sure the tax benefits helped him.

Fox didn't talk at all about the Democratic candidate in Billings, Montana, John Tester, except to mention his name once.

Comment: More and more fair and balanced from Fox. Notice the way the president said Democrat instead of Democratic, which is the proper term. He couldn't have shown more disdain for the half of this country that is Democratic. Every day we see the president and his wife out stumping for Republican candidates with nothing mentioned about the Democratic candidates at all.