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FOX News rearranging weekend line-up to air terror film, scare jaded voters to polls

Reported by Chrish - November 2, 2006 -

FOX News Channel has announced that it will air "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West,"

"(a) frightening new documentary by filmmaker Wayne Kopping ....

What he found, is something FOX News believes every American should know."

The film, which is actually a year old, will be shown four (4) times this weekend to help Republicans scare their base to the polls. Along with plenty of footage accusing Democrats of not getting it (an O'Reilly favorite) and Dick Morris' sickening new anti-Democrat smear commercial, FOX is pulling out all the stops to support their party.

Another article at FOXNews.com says that

"We often hear that 9/11 was a wake-up call for Americans. But have Americans really woken up to the truth of how much radical Islamists want us dead, and the lengths to which they are willing to go to fulfill their mission?

According to a shocking new (sic) documentary called “Obsession,” the free world is still unprepared to face the unwavering commitment of those who have pledged their lives to our destruction. The film states that we suffer not so much from complacency, but from the naïve disbelief that we remain targets of thousands, perhaps millions of radical Muslims around the world."

In other words, we're not scared enough (yet) to turn over ALL our rights to the executive branch. Maybe this'll do it - it's worth a shot, right?

From Libertas, "a forum for conservative thought on film":

"We’ve just received word that this weekend Fox News will be presenting a 40 minute version of the film Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West that had its World Premiere at the 2005 Liberty Film Festival. Obsession was the Best Feature Film winner from last year’s festival, and will be playing on Fox News Saturday Nov. 4th at 8pm/1am/5am, and Sunday Nov. 5th at 10pm.

We’re told these will be Fox News special TV broadcasts, i.e., they redid their lineups to make this happen, and that they will be advertising the show on TV commercials in advance. Following the film will be an interview with director Wayne Kopping."

We’re extremely proud to have done the World Premiere of Obsession, and we’re thrilled that Fox News will be re-arranging its line-up - right at the height of election season - to air this important film. The purpose of The Liberty Film Festival is to discover such films and bring them to the public.

Clearly this is intended to reach the voters who still think that the Bush administration can keep us safer than Democrats and who conflate the war in Iraq with the so-called war on terror. This blatant electioneering by a so-called news channel erases for once and for all any pretense that FOX is fair or balanced - it is right-wing propaganda and nothing more.

Let FOX know what you think of their blatant Republican campaigning at:

Thanks to g-mailer Matt for the heads-up.