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Two Fox Guests Tell the Same, Easily Refutable Lie in Order to Scare You and Me & to Smear John Kerry & Democrats

Reported by Melanie - November 1, 2006 -

Bernard Kerik and Pat Boone were both guests on Your World w/Cavuto today (November 1, 2006). Kerik was on to talk about whether or not we should trust Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, but of course, Cavuto steered him off that trivial course and onto the main course, that of bashing John Kerry. Kerik was predictably appalled by Kerry's remarks and positive they would be used against us:

It's going to be all over the Arab stations. Al Jazeera, particularly, will run this: The troops in the Middle East are stupid and that's why they're there. And now did they get it? They got it from a U.S. senator.

Roughly 40 minutes later, singer Pat Boone was on to talk about how critically important is that Republicans retain control of the government. At Cavuto's prompting, Boone, obviously a very thirsty Kool-aid drinker and regular Fox watcher, said almost the exact same thing:


We had Bernie Kerik here, Pat, who said this will be propaganda for insurgents.




Do you buy that?


Yes, because, you know, Al Jazeera is playing all of this and they're saying see, the Americans don't agree with their president. The Americans don't agree with their military, so let's press on. Let's keep on killing them.

Comment: Both of these men are more interested in spreading fear and hate than truth. Check out Al Jazeera's homepage. Do you see the big headline about stupid Americans that urges insurgents to kill our troops? No. It doesn't exist. There's this article and this article but neither of them are bloodthirsty rants about killing Americans.