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Studio B Starts With Kerry Story But Turns To The Horror In Iraq

Reported by Donna - November 1, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith the leadoff story was the Kerry story. But soon after this he went on to the war in Iraq. The images were horrific and would break your heart.

The pictures of people placing tiny dead bodies into coffins was a heart breaker. Two young boys, probably around the age of 8, were crying their eyes out and soon so was I.

Comment: The White House can try and make this about Kerry but maybe it's really true that people only hear what they see. What I saw was a terrible picture of death and destruction in Iraq. Maybe all the partisan haggling should stop and we should focus on the real world. The children, men and women dying in huge numbers over in a civil war in Iraq. A war started by this president based on lies.

However, Studio B spent much more time on the Kerry story than on the real war in Iraq.