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John Gibson's Big Story right-wing guests and talking points from start to finish, with one exception - one.

Reported by Chrish - November 1, 2006 -

The over-arching theme today 11/1/06 was still Senator Kerry's remarks from two days ago, even though he has apologized to anyone who was offended by the misinterpretation of his mangled joke. Missing from the program was any mention of Virginia Senator Allen's entourage assaulting Marine Mike Stark as he tried to ask a question, and House Majority leader John Boehner's remarks that it is the generals in Iraq who are responsible for the poor conduct of the war, not Secretary of State Rumsfeld.

The line-up today:

FOX News Alert:
Kerry apologized per chyrons and Gibson's comments as video without sound of Kerry played.

Campaign Carl Cameron in Philadelphia:
Read Kerry apology, commented at length about how Kerry said he wouldn't apologize yesterday; embedded video of White House spokeman Tony Snow, who just wanted to help Kerry, lecturing Kerry on how easy it would have been to just apologize; Cameron noted criticism from fellow Democrats Jon Tester and Mary Landrieu, making sure to get those criticisms read aloud AND presented in graphic form.

Gibson reported that DNC Chairman Howard Dean called Kerry's remark "a blooper" with video, no sound, of Dean; Senator Clinton was not so forgiving and she was seen and heard to say his remarks were "innappropriate."

Studio guest Dick Morris, Republican strategist answered Gibson's editorializing questions: Kerry apologized with a twisted arm; have you noticed Harry Reid has had a lobotomy and Nancy Pelosi has had a larynxectomy, staying out of sight and making the election about Bush and Iraq, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Hastert; not a blooper, what he obviously thinks and believes; Kerry comment may bring out reluctant Republican voters; embedded reading of and graphic of radio host Imus begging Kerry to get out of the spotlight; picture of US troops holding sign in Iraq #1; Gibson read s aloud plus graphic of Kerry's mangled statement from Monday; Morris joked that to believe Kerry's explanation you'd have to believe he's as inarticulate as Bush, which he's not; video of young Kerry testifying as they say that every so often what he really thinks bubbles out, and Morris says

"...it shows the GOP base voters the inner soul of the Democratic Party. It's a Freudian slip, not just a slip."

Desperately grasping at straws he said that Kerry's comments could be what Republicans need to win critical Senate races in TN, VA, and MO.

Morris asserted that this election is different than others in the past thirty years, where swing/independent voters have been the target of ads and campaigns - this year it's about getting the base out and Democrats appear to be doing much better than Republicans. FOX gave his vicious, untrue hit-job of an ad free air-time, playing it in its entirety. It seeks to terrorize voters by lying that a Democratic majority would end NSA wiretapping of terrorist calls, resulting in certain death to Americans: "Vote like your life depends on it. Because it does."

Comment: If that's not terrorizing for votes than what is? Next stop: Vote Republican or die. Sickening. He shilled the website raising money for the ad, and excused this crap by saying he's a New Yorker and his wife used to work at the WTC. He better be careful or Ann Coulter will say she's never seen a man so enjoy his wife's former employment and Rush Limbaugh will accuse him of faking his fear and exploiting his PTSD.

In teasers Gibson asked (second time) if Kerry's apology is too little too late and showed picture of US troops holding sign in Iraq #2.

Next guest, Iraq war veteran Paul Reickhoff was outraged and thought it was "inexcuseable." He and his organization demanded and accept Kerry's apology and want to move on to the important issues - see the website and it is clear they are not happy with the conduct of the war. Gibson showed picture of US troops holding sign in Iraq #3. Oddly, Gibson remarked that it is very clearly mispelled and pointed out, one by one, the "errors" (obviously done in sarcasm) in the banner - what, does he think Lt. Rieckhoff is stoopid? OMG the irony. A graphic was shown that says 97.5% of commissioned officers are college grads - Gibson said he was shocked and TBH so was I. Gibson dragged it back to Kerry's "history" of saying bad things about the troops and Rheikhoff agreed he's not popular and ticks people off; if he's advocating for the troops he's not very effective and hurts himself and his party.

Next we got an interview (by Douglas Kennedy) with John Ziegler, right-wing radio host from California who happened to catch the remark on his local news and ran with it. He said he realized it was a major story but "we needed the right people to hear about it" so he repeated it on his radio show numerous times and posted it on the radio website, urging listeners to post it too. One listener "obeyed" and put the clip up on YouTube, where it was picked up by Michelle Malkin and Matt Drudge, and the rest is history. This is a classic case of the right-wing echo chamber working to make a mountain out of a molehill. In his self-congratulatory speech, Ziegler admitted that this story would have slipped away unnoticed had he gone to the bathroom. If only he had, we might be a saner nation today.

Next, MA Governor Mitt Romney reacted to the Senator's Scandal! Answering Gibson's leading questions Romney found the apology to be lacking. "The damage is done." Romney, who apparently lives in another country, said people in public life who make a mistake usually recognize it, apologize, and move on. Has he met the leaders of his party?? Gibson said again that Kerry has a history of saying these things while banners reinforced Clinton's "inappropriate" and Kerry's "scandal" - does he have animosity towards the military?

They finally, finally got off the topic of Kerry 35 minutes into the program and talked of a Romney/Bush presidential ticket in 2008.

Oh for crying out loud, back to Kerry and the picture of US troops holding sign in Iraq #4 and Clinton's label of "inappropriate.". But what's this? Democratic strategist Steve McMann comments: Kerry should stay out of the joke-telling business; it was an unfortunate comment, not because of malicious intent but because it gave his critics ammo; watching the video McMann believes it was intended to malign Bush and not the troops; he's apologized. McMann defended Kerry, saying that Kerry knew what he meant and it was crystal clear in his head; when it came out wrong and people misinterpreted it he was angry at the attacks on his meaning. His point is well taken though -

"Bush went into Iraq unprepared for what was going to happen after the war was over - that's been proven to be true. There's no question that the president who didn't serve and the people around him who also didn't serve and many of the people who have been critical of Senator Kerry who also didn't serve are giving him advice and have given him bad advice and he's listened to it."
Kerry understandds and knows what they're going through; they're pinned down there, there's no exit strategy, and this administration won't admit that fact.

Gibson ignored all that and brought out Cheney's comment, read aloud and with graphic, that Kerry was for the joke before he was against it. McCann used that misunderstood legend to back up his contention that Kerry again knew exactly what he meant because he understood the conrext and references. Asked how much it hurt Democrats, McCann said it was a distraction, and any day that Republicans are NOT talking about the failure in Iraq and the failed policies in America is a good day for them. They need to keep this flap alive because it's their best shot.

So roughly 35 minutes bashing, 5 minutes rehabilitating (and kudoes to Steve McMann, who did an excellent job.) The last 20 minutes were spent on Donald Trump and his (daughter? wife? I don't know) hitching up her strapless dress while The Donald talked by phone with Gibson over Trump's excessively large and high-flying American flag, and a bit by the Judge on election fraud techniques (which I'll get to at some point) and "My Word", also another post.

Phew - I am so glad Kerry apologized and withdrew from the public eye. It will be fun to watch FOX beat a dead horse until they can make up another "scandal" to explain the last-minute shift in votes from Democrats to Republicans.