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Bill O'Reilly Continues FOX Anti Kerry Republican Campaign Telethon

Reported by Deborah - November 1, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly, in a joyous spin, devoted half of his show tonight to John Kerry. Tony Snow and Laura Ingraham joined the attack while Joe Trippi provided the only Democratic voice. O'Reilly, insulting Trippi, claimed that no Democrats would come on the show because they want to distance themselves from Kerry adding that Trippi was the only Democrat he could get as if he had gone to the bottom of the barrel. 11/1/06

BOR started in with his Talking Points claiming that Hillary Clinton is the one Democrat to benefit from Kerry's comments because now he's definitely out of the running for 2008 making Hillary the prime candidate. Then he added with a nasty sneer, " unless Al Gore gets off his iceberg." Calling Kerry's comment "stunning", he seemed sure that the Democratic momentum had been stopped.

It was time for the shining star of the Republican campaign trail, Tony Snow, to deliver his nice guy hatchet job on John Kerry.Bill all excited declared it a " big win" getting the " Iraq stuff off the table." Snow playing Mr Integrity, said he was "going to play it straight' as if he was above using Kerry to inflate Bush.

O'Reilly asked his favorite question which he later asked Ingraham and also used in his viewers poll. " Do you think John Kerry intentionally insulted the troops?" Snow said " it popped out" and wasn't intentional prompting BOR to use some uncharacteristic psycho babble to get Kerry. According to the T-Shrink it was Kerry's subconscious " anti-military animus". "This is the real John Kerry", he declared with authority.

At this point, Tony Snow's anti-democratic animus must have been aroused prompting him to revert to some down and dirty Fox behavior bringing up the old " Winter Soldier" connection.On a roll, Snow opined that Democrats have " anger management issues".

Joe Trippi seemed more interested in charming Bill and digging at Howard Dean than defending Kerry. Trippi joked that Howard Dean would benefit more than Clinton because if the Democrats lose , he can blame Kerry. O'Reilly just loved that line and he and Trippi chatted about the issue. Trippi showed no outrage or annoyance about the Republican hysteria acting as if it will have no effect. He made some strong points about Iraq and did suggest that Bush needs to apologize for Iraq. Best of all, Trippi confronted O'Reilly about insulting him and actually got an apology.

Laura Ingraham was the the final act and as always, she spewed the poison while O'Reilly stayed clean in his imaginary no-spin zone. Ingraham carried on about how the partisan media supported Kerry and it's no wonder that people flock to Fox, talk radio and The New York Post for balance.

O'Reilly called Kerry a " sarcastic guy" and then asked Inghraham if his remarks against the military were intentional. Avoiding a direct answer, she wondered why the media didn't show sound bites from the outraged troops who called her show. Then she claimed that the " far left, academics sneer at our troops.

O'Reilly then sent out the message of tonight's show, of course, pretending that Laura Ingraham was the messenger. " You're saying the far left despises the military."

comment: Will they find a way to keep this shameless performance up until Tuesday? Of course they will.