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Ann Coulter can't resist opportunity to join Kerry bashapalooza

Reported by Chrish - November 1, 2006 -

The right-wing line-up continued on FOX News Channel - fair and balanced, hee hee - when Ann Coulter joined Big Story host John Gibson today 10/31/06 to repeat the indignant talking points hastily put forth from the White House this morning.

Of course her most recent hateful book was promoted and of course she fell back on her old Kerry-bashing talking points. Much like elderly relatives, certain words prompt specific stories, and Coulter induces just as many sighs and eyerolls.

As she spoke the banner remained from the previous segment, reading Bush: Senator's suggestion insulting and shameful. The scroll across the bottom contained Kerry's refuting the idea that thinking he, a veteran, would be criticizing the troops and not Bush, as crazy, followed by Tony Snow's remark that this fits a pattern of comments about US soldiers by Kerry. In a stunning coincidence - stunning! - Ann Coulter is verbalizing the exact same thing as Snow's snark scrolls by.

Coulter's main point, repeatedly, is that Kerry has a history of disrespect towards the military so his claim that he meant the comment to be about Bush is not credible to her. She manages to extend the bashing to all Democrats, current and past, saying that Democrats have a lengthy history, going back 50 years, of rooting against America and hoping for us to lose.

Republicans desperation for something to spur voters to the polls is evidenced by Gibson, who asked if this is the "kind of motivational thing" that trumps Foley and Duke Cunningham and all those other Republican "embarrassments" (DeLay, Ney, Abramoff, Safavian, Libby, Katrina, Brownie, Hastert...) and will push conservatives - no, he corrects himself, independents - to go and vote Republican? Coulter thinks it ought to, but she still feels "gloomy" and hopes it at least reduces the gains that Democrats ought to be enjoying this election.

Interesting - her acknowledgement that Dems ought to be kicking butt this election season leads one to believe that she agrees that the Republican leadership has failed.

Gibson asked her if a "wafer thin" majority would be enough, and Coulter must have misunderstood, for she answered that she didn't think so - "you mean, to save America, to prevent another terrorist attack? No. If they have a one-person majority that makes Nancy Pelosi speaker and Alcee Hastings, the impeached federal judge, will become the head of intelligence." He was impeached and convicted of taking bribes, and Coulter said he will become the head of intelligence committee while we're in a war that is basically "100% intelligence. We're not at war with a country - it's just the intelligence we can get, and these lunatics will be running the House." Lo and behold, as Coulter said "lunatics", who appeared in the right-hand bigger box but ... Hillary Clinton.

Both she and Gibson looked very pleased with that cleverness as she ended her rant and he ended the segment. It reeks of desperation over at FOX.