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Oliver North - Fox War Hero - Weighs In On Kerry Statement

Reported by Donna - October 31, 2006 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today he spoke with Oliver North on the statement that John Kerry made last night. Kerry said if you do good, study hard you won't get stuck in Iraq. The White House came out with that being against the troops. Kerry said he won't apologize and his intent was meant at the White House not at the 140,000 heroes in Iraq.

Oliver North wasn't buying it.

He said the statement was meant towards the troops not toward the administration. He said it was said to the 'guys' he hangs out with in Iraq.

Comment: Of course the great war hero, Oliver North can weigh in on what the true war hero John Kerry said. Senator Kerry explained himself and said he would not let the White House use their swiftboat methods to get over him or the Democrats again.

John Kerry is a true war hero and I very much doubt he meant anything badly with what he said - he didn't want to see our young soldiers stuck in Iraq and he meant that Bush was the one who got us 'stuck' in Iraq.