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Dick Morris Says Bush Is Winning In North Korea

Reported by Ellen - October 31, 2006 -

Dick Morris, the man who predicted that the Katrina recovery period would be “a huge positive” for Bush, and “a second-term legacy,” was back on Hannity & Colmes last night (10/30/06), calling North Korea a “win” for him.

It started with a discussion showcasing a smear ad against Democrats, which just happened to have been written by Morris, trying to portray them as not wanting to listen in on terrorist phone calls, and concluding with “This terrorist wiretap has been disconnected by a Democrat controlled Congress. If the Democrats win, the NSA won’t be allowed to listen as terrorists plot attacks. This year, vote like your life depends on it. Because it does.” Colmes argued that the ad is a distortion of Democrats’ position, that Democrats want to tap phones with a warrant. Morris insisted “that ad finally gets it right. I hope Republicans run that ad all over the place.” Obviously, FOX News was doing its best to help him out in that endeavor.

Later, as the discussion shifted, Morris offered this advice for Republicans: “I think Bush made a big mistake last week on Wednesday when he had that press conference about Iraq. What he needed to do was to focus attention on national and homeland security. And by talking about the war in Iraq, which would seem to be a closely related issue, and he sees them as merged, he ultimately was talking about a thing people think he’s failed on, rather than something he’s succeeded on. The other thing that I think he’s not done, which he should do in the next eight days is talk about North Korea, North Korea, North Korea. Nobody thinks he’s winning in Iraq. You have to realize that he’s winning in North Korea. North Korea’s blinking, the Chinese have them jumping from one side to the other and we have the Chinese jumping from one side to the other because of a threat of a nuclear Japan.”

Morris didn’t say anything about New Orleans.