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O'Hanlon, Frequent Fox Guest Says Best Solution To War in Iraq May Be Pelosi Working With Bush

Reported by Donna - October 30, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with Michael O'Hanlon from the think tank, the Brookings Institution regarding the war in Iraq.

O'Hanlon's tone over the last few months seems to be one of almost giving up when it comes to Iraq. He doesn't seem to think there's much that can be done at this point.

Today, Smith and O'Hanlon talked about the different groups that were fighting in Iraq. Hanlon said there were as many as 12 different groups, among them, terrorists, insurgents and militias fighting each other.

Today O'Hanlon finally just called what was going on in Iraq a civil war, though he did say there were different degrees of civil wars. (Comment: Whatever that means, either a civil war is going on or it's not).

He seems rather resigned and unable to come up with a solution anymore. In the past he's spoken about a divided Iraq, etc. but today his solution was a rather odd one. He said that perhaps the best thing to happen would be after the elections to have House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi get together with the president and come up with some kind of solution to work out for Iraq.

Comment: And for once? I agree with him. Between the division in this country and the increasing violence that is going on in Iraq, the only solution seems to be if we can come together and the only way we're going to come together is if the Democrats do get some power and can help enable this change. Otherwise we're stuck with the same old 'stay the course' and the violence and division will continue.

*Edited for my error on mistaking the Brookings Institution for a conservative think tank, it's been corrected.