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Dick Cheney Reacts to Lynne Cheney's Appearance on the Situation Room: It was a "Slap Down"

Reported by Melanie - October 30, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto "interviewed" Dick Cheney on Your World today (October 30, 3006). I put interview in quotes because instead of an interview it was more like a campaign advertisement. Cavuto fed Cheney questions that gave him the opportunity to spin some sticky issues, like what did he really mean when he talked about water boarding last weekend ("We don't torture"); the insurgency in Iraq (they're trying to influence the elections), and why isn't the fabulous economy getting more attention (it sure is fabulous!)? Here's a link to the video.

One of the highlights was when Cavuto asked Cheney what he thought of Lynne Cheney's appearance on a "competing network" last Friday.

Cheney said,

We refer to it around the house as the slap down. She was very tough but she was very accurate and very aggressive. She spoke her mind and I thought it was perfectly appropriate.

Cavuto, loving the opportunity to get yet another dig in on the supposed "liberal media," continued:

Did she go into that kinda hacked off because she saw this weeklong series on, one day at a time, everything that's bad with America and she said, you know what, I'm going to let it rip?


I'm sure she'd seen part of it but no, I think she just responded to the moment and, but, she's pretty tough and pretty aggressive and that exactly the way it ought to be. She presented, I thought, a very strong case.

Later Cheney said he thought it was a "sterling performance."