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Campaigning on the Republican Economy - oops, maybe not such a good idea

Reported by Chrish - October 29, 2006 -

It will be interesting to see how Cavuto and the weekend business shows spin the comments of the head of the General Accountability Office (formerly the General Accounting Office, renamed by the Bush administration). According to him, the US public needs to let the administration know we want change in policies. Hmm, how best to affect change in a democracy?

Wednesday October 25 the Seattle Times reported

"Using mocking language, President Bush launched a muscular political attack Tuesday in his campaign to preserve Republican majorities in the House and Senate, challenging the Democrats' economic record and their commitment to fighting terrorism.

"If their electoral predictions are as reliable as their economic predictions," he said, recalling Democrats' projections of economic failure after Congress enacted his tax cuts, "November 7 is going to be a good day for the Republicans."

Democrats, apparently more fiscally competent and responsible than Bush's brand of Republicanism, were right.

The head of the GAO, David M. Walker, has spoken
, and the economic outlook is not good. As sensible people, we all knew in our gut that this reckless, runaway deficit spending is dangerous to our future economic security and now we have confirmation:

"This is about the future of our country, our kids and grandkids."

(T)he accountant-in-chief's professional opinion is that the American public needs to tell Washington it's time to steer the nation off the path to financial ruin.

From the hustings and the airwaves this campaign season, America's political class can be heard debating Capitol Hill sex scandals, the wisdom of the war in Iraq and which party is tougher on terror. Democrats and Republicans talk of cutting taxes to make life easier for the American people.

What they don't talk about is a dirty little secret everyone in Washington knows, or at least should. The vast majority of economists and budget analysts agree: The ship of state is on a disastrous course, and will founder on the reefs of economic disaster if nothing is done to correct it.

As has been shown over the past three years, the Bush administration doesn't have a plan in Iraq ("winning", whatever that is, is not a plan), they have financially ruined the country, the world is less safe, and the environment is getting worse exponentially.

After all the crowing on Cavuto's fantasy World and the weekend "business" shows (snort), the comments of the GAO chief will surely throw some cold water of reality on the alleged "hot" economy. Don't expect to see them reported fairly, if at all, on FOX, especially the week before an election.