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Bill O'Reilly Didn't Even Get His Book Plugged On Letterman

Reported by Deborah - October 29, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly wanted to plug his book on David Letterman on Friday night, 10/27/06, but Dave didn't give him an opportunity. In fact Letterman claimed he never watched his show and never read the book either. O'Reilly tried to engage Letterman to make up for the bad energy left between them from their last meeting in January when O'Reilly was setting the stage for his great "culture war" but it didn't work.

O'Reilly tried to be cute bringing on a toy sword and shield but Letterman wasn't amused.

"Yea, that's cute. That's nice. You come out with toys. Uh, how's it going? Am I right about one thing? You guys over there at Fox News, guys like Rush Limbaugh - uh, you you you guys just know it's all just a goof, right? You're just, you're just horsing around? Am I right about that? You're doing it because you know it will be entertaining?"

After Letterman said he couldn't find O'Reilly's show and keeps getting The Simpsons instead, O'Reilly called for a truce between them.

"I'm not going to help you out, Dave. I mean, you know, whatever you got we're gonna answer tonight. We're going to be nice, we're going to be friends. People don't know that Dave and I, Dave and I are in the same bowling league."

During the intro, Letterman said that he wanted to call O'Reilly a bonehead during the interview and he got his chance not far into the segment. O'Reilly claiming that the country was depressed and woud rather watch escape TV, asked Letterman if he was going to be on Dancing With The Stars. That question earned a "bonehead" from Dave and a laugh from the audience.

The conversation shifted to Iraq and North Korea and as expected O'Reilly asked Letterman if he wanted us to "win" in Iraq. Letterman was too smart to fall into that black/white trap.

O'Reilly: Possible, but do you right now? Do you want the United States to win in Iraq?
Letterman: First of all, I don't -
O'Reilly: It's an easy question, If you don't want the United States to win -
Letterman: It's not easy for me because I'm thoughtful.

O'Reilly finally grabbed a chance to talk about his book but Letterman wouldn't let it happen.

O'Reilly: Did you enjoy Culture Warrior - the book?
Letterman: I haven't read the book.
O'Reilly: You really haven't read it? Come on. You're in the book!
Letterman: I know. I looked at it and I thought, 'What is he? What is this? A book about sailing? And then I said, "No, I don't need that."

Here the full transcript from our friends at Far Left